The History of Umberto’s

From the coast of Italy to the heart of the New West

Beginning in Napoli…

Umberto Migliaccio was born in a small town twenty minutes outside of Napoli city in Italy. At a very young age Umberto began his apprenticeship to become a Master Tailor. After many years of learning this masterful art, he started making bespoke suits out of his parent’s home for locals in his town and surrounding area. Looking for better opportunities Umberto decided to leave his family behind and immigrate to Canada.

A move to Calgary

He settled in Calgary and would begin working for menswear stores as a tailor. As the majority of menswear stores only sold ready-made suits, Umberto found himself doing basic alterations and getting excited to be able to restyle a suit that required more attention. Slowly he started making bespoke suits for family and friends of family in the basement of his home that he shared with his wife and three children. His work ethic and exceptional attention to the age-old traditions and practices of his trade started to command respect from people all over the city.

The start of a legacy

In 1982 Umberto would open Umberto Custom Tailors Ltd. It took time for Umberto to create a name for himself in the city’s downtown, he would have to settle doing alterations with his wife Maria by his side. Umberto’s first bespoke client in his new store would be difficult, he told Umberto he would give him a shot if he could have the suit completed in three days for an event. Umberto never being one to refuse a client, gave the client his word that the suit would be ready in three days. Working day and night with Maria helping him, Umberto completed the suit. Not only did Umberto complete the suit, the client still has suits made by Umberto Custom Tailors thirty plus years later.

The next stage

Umberto Custom Tailors was built on ‘word of mouth’; he believed that was the only way of doing business. When a client is willing to tell everyone they know that the place to have a suit built is at Umberto’s there is no better honor. Umberto’s continues to grow not only as a bespoke tailor but a purveyor of fine menswear goods. With Maria still by his side and still working from home and the addition of his son Claudio learning the art and expanding the business. Umberto Custom Tailors continues to be one of the leading menswear stores in all of Canada with it’s products circulating all over the world.

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