L’Abito Umberto Migliaccio

A Focus on Detail and Quality

The evolved concept

Umberto Migliaccio opened Umberto Custom Tailor Ltd. in 1982. The store’s success then and still today is with dedication in sartorial excellence, and expertise in the finest fabrics in the world. L’Abito Umberto Migliaccio was created by Claudio Migliaccio, Umberto’s son. He wants the discerning man to experience the fine details his father taught him in the beauty and romance in building an Umberto Migliaccio suit.


These ready-to-wear suits feature fine details that you normally don’t find in a suit off the rack. As Umberto’s specializes in bespoke, it was important to bring certain features to the L’Abito Umberto Migliaccio collection. Every season Umberto’s bring in a new collection for clients who fit well off the rack or when time may be an issue. The same tailors who make the bespoke suits will be performing all alterations on the ready-to-wear suits; rest assured you will be getting a perfectly fitted garment.

Thousands of Fabrics

Umberto’s now offers a Made-to-Measure program under the L’Abito Umberto Milgiaccio umbrella. Unlike other Made-to-Measure programs that offer a limited selection of fabrics, Umberto’s offers you the same fabrics it uses for it’s bespoke suits. Umberto’s carries thousands of pieces of fabric for viewing. All fabrics are from the most reputable mills in England and Italy.

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